Join Shamron at these local studios for group classes. ​

Yoga Dragon

Monday & Wednesday

11am Warm Hatha Yoga

Thursday 5:30am Hot Hatha

Saturday 11am Warm Hatha

Hatha – Is all physical yoga including breathing and meditation.

This class is for all levels, slow, functional movement that is mindful

and sequenced for the time of day and season in which they fall.

Kahanu Yoga and Meditation Spa

Monday & Wednesday

6:15pm Yoga with Meditation

Friday  9:30am Yoga with Meditation


Vibe Fitness

Thursday   8pm Yoga flow - Good Vibrations

Description - This class is an all levels functional flow for rejuvenation and renewal.

The class is perfectly sequenced for evening time recovery from a long day with some dynamic movements to loosen your tired muscles ending with deep relaxing stretches and restful poses, including breath work and mindful meditation.


Yoga creates balance in mind, body and spirit

to help you live your best life.

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Call: 832-620-4366 or text