Class Plans & Offerings

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  1st Consultation and 1.5 hour private yoga session $75-$65 * Call for details

   Reiki sessions $55 per hour or $150 for a pack of 3 sessions.

   Pay by Cash, Check, Pay Pal, or Venmo

   No refunds.

  All sessions are by appointment only.


Classes may different depending on who is teaching!

  Light My Fire: A Hatha yoga practice: In this class we use body postures and breathing exercises  to create heat in the body. Lots of movement and options for some advanced work if the body and mind are ready and willing. Not so much for beginners however, if you are active and injury free jump on in. * Builds strength, balanced joint action (flexibility), and peace of mind.  

  Good Vibrations: A Hatha yoga practice perfect for beginners and intermediate: This class includes body postures, breathing techniques and meditation.  A complete, balanced class for all levels.  

  * Builds strength, balanced joint action (flexibility), and promotes peace of mind. 

  Restorative Yoga - Slow and gentle movements designed to bliss you out… Restore and balance the nervous system and "untie" all the knots.  All levels, everyone loves this class. Body postures, breathing and meditation. Please register space is limited and let us know of any injuries prior to class.  *Gently strengthens and promotes flexibility through relaxation, restores ease and promotes peace of mind. 

Relax & Renew - Combines Gentle movements with Restorative practices (see Restorative Yoga), most classes include Pranayama (breathing practices) and Meditation. *This class is designed to calm the nervous system, relief the symptoms of stress and renew your mind, body and spirit connection.

Yin Yoga - Yin is slower paced with longer holds that offer deeper access to the connective tissues that lie closer to the bone. Yin yoga also promotes the flow of prana or qi (chi) through the nadis or meridians (energy channels) to promote vitality and health.

Rise & Shine - Our early morning wake you up gently class. This class is an all level class that is a beautiful blend of hatha and flow, just enough movement to wake you up gently.

Hamsa Yoga & Meditation - Hamsa translates to Swan in Sanskrit but is also used to describe the luminous transcendental Self (big S). This is an all level class, no labels required. In this class we'll move gently, breath life back into our souls and top it all off with a meditation practice that will help you see, touch and observe your truest Self. If you choose bring a Zafu & Zabouton to Sit, during meditation. Meditation will be done Zen style. All will be explained during practice.

Come as you are and enjoy the Experience. We are here to support your practice. Questions are encouraged, and ALL are welcome.

 Special Events - Scheduled Monthly See Calendar

 Yoga & Sound Meditation -
This class is and All level yoga class, with sound meditation and extended savasana.
 Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, rain sticks, chimes and drums make the sound meditation a unique and blissful experience that enhances focus, calm, and peace leading into the deepest savasana. 

Teachers have authority to creatively regulate and change class structure to

facilitate the individuals who show up for class.  

Practice Responsibly… YOU are ultimately your best teacher.  

Yoga is UNION in Mind, Body, and Spirit and you are the author of your own life and choices.

The measure of a successful yoga practice is not how perfect your postures are,

it's whether you are experiencing more freedom in your life. -Hala Khouri