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Yoga assisting and modifications for accessibility and sustainable teaching.

Assisting is more than just hands on, you'll learn how to verbally cue variations and use props as an extension of the poses to create an environment where all students feel safe and confident in their ability to make good choices about their practice.

This is an exploration in how language, sight and touch shape the energy of your class.

We’ll cover safety and legal concerns involved in the hands on approach.

We’ll cover In DEPTH, the who, what, where, when, WHY and HOW to consider a hands on approach.

Learn how to teach variations using exploratory cueing, props, and intelligent language in a way that makes yoga accessible for everyone will be covered in day one, and advanced hands on assisting techniques, practice and training will be on day two.

Trainees will walk away with skill and practice in using a hands on approach in a way that is sustainable, intelligent and safe for both teacher and student. Up level the way you think about "advanced", and provide a meaningful practice for all students experienced or beginner.

This workshop can be used as a portion of your teacher training, or as a stand alone workshop!

Continuing education hours upon request. 
Contact: to schedule this workshop at your studio. 

Yoga for Back and Pelvis Series 

In this 6 week series explore how to restore optimal function and ease in your back and pelvis.

The spine and pelvis are integral parts of the whole, this class will focus on the entire spine and pelvis by addressing parts of the body which you may not realize affects these areas. 

We will address specific limitations you may have regarding the back and pelvis, and because of the importance of these areas in relationship with your whole body you’ll end up freeing shoulders, neck and hips as well.

In each class you can expect:
·        An explanation of how and why these techniques work.
·        Learn how specific attention to breath can free up your body in profound ways and leave you with
         vitality and better quality of life.
·        Specific and simple movement that will increase stability, freedom and ease in and around your
         spine and pelvis.
·        You’ll also receive a take home template so that you can continue the work on your own.

This workshop can be used as a portion of your teacher training, or as a stand alone workshop!

Continuing education hours upon request.
Contact: to schedule this workshop at your studio. 

Powerful Peace – A Program for change!

A 6 week program to radically awaken your spirit and dramatically shift your perspective.

Peaceful Power Program
Who is this for? Do you have frequent anxiety or feel over worked? Do you struggle to keep promises to yourself or others? Do you constantly feel burned out, or have a hard time prioritizing? Are you tired of saying “I’m sick and tired of…”

If this is showing up in your life in a small or big way, this program is for you.

What the program looks like:
We will meet weekly 1x a week (We are making this easy to fit into your already busy schedule).
Classes focus on Mindful movement – To sooth stressed out and tired bodies.
Breathing exercises – To free up your subtle body for optimal energy flow, hello VITALITY.
Journaling prompts for clarity on what’s holding you back.
Meditation practices.

When you complete this 6 week program you will have a better understanding of the mind and body connection and how important this is for your quality of life.  You will be given easy to use tools that will help you maintain clarity of mind and reclaim your personal power source.

You’ll begin to have fun with your choices so that commitment to yourself is of first priority!
Your entire internal dialogue can and will change, you are ready now!

6 Classes including a personal evaluation at the end with a game plan to keep you motivated to work the program. Accountability and checks ins daily to keep you on track.

** This class is available as a ONE on ONE offering to anyone willing to do the work. 
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- We can also bring this to your studio as a 6 weeks series in a group setting.

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Chakra Series 
Sequencing for the seasons 
Language and cueing for yoga teachers - Create the energy you desire with your language.
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