2019 - Trinity


Shanti Tree Yoga School

2018 Sprouts

​​ 2017-2018 Saplings

What students had to say: What did you enjoy most about this training?

"Shamron Is a wonderful Teacher. I feel like I got so much more out of this training then I expected to. She teaches with passion and is very supportive and patient. I am proud to say I have graduated from Shanti Tree. " - Chris O.

​"The training I received was phenomenal and upon conversations with friends who have taken their training elsewhere, I feel that the training I got was more comprehensive and prepared me better to hit the ground running as a yoga teacher." - Christine A.

"The emphasis on the meaning of yoga beyond the asanas, understanding how to make yoga accessible for people of different body types and experience levels, diverse group and awesome teacher. " - Julie S.

"The intimate setting. Very comfortable" - Brandi B.