Classes are taught in person and online with various studios hosting.​ Classes focus on the physical practices of yoga postures, breathing, meditation, sound, and intention. 

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This is a safe space for all walks of life no matter, sex, religion, race, disability, age, or other... 

Every unique being is celebrated and supported. 

Welcome, I'm glad you are here. 

This is your place for yoga, meditation, and lifestyle practices for health and wellbeing in every season.  

Yoga practices today look much different than the ancient practices of India, where yoga originated over 3,000 years ago. It is our honor to continue the conversation of what yoga is, keeping as best as we can to the authentic teachings as outlined by the Yoga sutras of Patanjali. The aim of yoga is to yoke the self to the Self (divine cosmic all, insert your word choice here), and in this life to achieve liberation and freedom from fear of death. In the process we develop the ability to reap immense benefits for mind, body and soul. < it's true.  

Thank you to all who have strived, even when difficult, to keep this practice alive for the benefit of all. 

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