​​​​Shamron Johnson:  Yoga guide

Practicing since 2000

Certified in 2010 

Teaching / classroom experience hours: 6,000 + 

​Current life experience: 40 years ;) 

Favorite quote: The way you do anything is the way you do everything. ​

In addition to guiding community classes, Shamron has lead several successful retreats and has developed a solid curriculum for aspiring yoga teachers or those who wish to dedicate themselves to an in-depth study of yoga philosophy and teaching methodology.  Her intention with every class is to continue the conversation of yoga as more than just the physical practice. Utilizing the yoga sutras of Patanjali as inspiration and framework on this path, as well as using up to date anatomy and biomechanics to inform traditional postures with sustainable movement and somatic inquiry for a powerful and personal experience.

If you are willing, Everyone is welcome! Please call the studio and request a consultation or send an email.

email: shantitreeyoga@gmail.com

Some very kind words about Shamron's classes: 

"Simply put, Shamron is the best. She is so knowledgeable, warm, attentive, and caring that I recommend her without any reservations. Shamron knows her stuff. Even in a room full of attendees, I feel like I am getting personal attention. She creates a peaceful environment full of serenity and joy, and I always leave there feeling completely relaxed and happy. I cannot say enough good things about Shamron. Try one of her classes just once, and you will be a fan for life. My favorite yoga teacher ever (and a darn kind human being, to boot)!" - Sharon H. (2018)

 "I call Shanti tree yoga studio is my place and it's only because of Shamron Owen, I feel so fortunate to have her my yoga teacher, she is an amazing person and very close to my heart, because after learning from her my whole perspective towards life is changed, very knowledgeable, very kind and very sweet . She is a gem and I just adore her." - Rabia  (2018)

 "Shamron was one of my first teachers when I started practicing yoga. After leaving Texas and traveling and moving around a lot, she is still my favorite teacher. She really taught me that yoga is not just about stretching and getting a work out but that it’s also about listening, accepting, knowing that everyday is different and that’s ok. I was able to really use what she taught me in her yoga classes in everyday life and honestly this helped me immensely and helped turn my life around . I believe Shamron is a very kind and genuine soul and I thank her very much for helping me get my life on the right path! Take one of her classes, you won’t be disappointed!" - Sabrinah R. (2018)

 "Best place to expand your yogi knowledge! I drive 45 mins to attend this class, and would do it daily just to learn from Shamron!! She is a gem and an amazing teacher. Thank you for everything!" - Sarah L. (2018)